Why Train With Me?

Remember that you are the only person who HAS to live with you, why not make that relationship a great one and let me help you do it.

At 56 I am coming to the end of my third decade in the fitness industry and I have changed.  I have gone from someone who trained as much as I could to someone who now listens to her body and does what is right for me.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 15 years ago at a time when there was very little information out there.  Nowadays we see more and more people diagnosed with Auto Immune Disorders/dysfunction.  And thanks to my personal experiences with my condition and studying and working with many clients with A.I.D. and neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinsons, I now use this knowledge to help my clients.  I think it is important to work together to meet my clients where they are right now and help them to go forward positively in their lives.

My Thoughts on Your Training

As we age we all need different things from our movement and lifestyle.  You can’t out train a bad diet for example and yet people still think training intensely will allow them that sugary cake, or portion of chips or a cocktail. Sadly – it won’t!

As a woman of 56 I am in that period of life where menopause causes us to rethink what we need from our bodies.  And so I include workshops to help bring some clarity to this 3rd stage of a woman’s life and help them to navigate their way through the myriad of information (and misinformation) out there.  My on-line HIIT and strength classes though suitable for everyone have the 3rd age woman in mind during their planning.

Over the years I have gained many, many pieces of paper relating to courses.  I am a Level 3 counsellor, a pilates teacher, a personal trainer, a MELT instructor and I write about my work and passion.  But what I have gained most in my career is learning from the people I work with who have many different needs which has required me to adapt my thinking and my plans, sometimes on the spot.  And this is a skill that can’t be taught on a course but is life experiences.  My work is literally my passion.