My Classes


My Pilates classes are very organic as I trained under Michael King initially and then continued to study with other companies to be able to bring a large array of experience and influence to them. I like to vary the classes all the time and no two are the same. Having said that for the classical moves if you have done Pilates before you will be able to follow along fine using neutral positions to achieve stability through the joints being actioned upon. I draw from outside of Pilates to provide a whole body experience and my classes are aimed at using many different movements requiring as many joints as possible in any one session.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

My HIIT classes are generally aimed at women of peri- to post- menopause but would be challenging for anyone wanting to give them a go. They are 30 minutes long and cover the whole body in that session. I prefer the HIIT format as this can achieve a quick workout that gets the heart rate up and uses strength movements to challenge the muscles and bones and fascia.


My MELT classes are:-

MELT Express - which provides a 30 minute MELT map for those people who cannot commit to a longer session currently on ZOOM

FULL MELT which is an hour long session.  MELT MAPS are a series of sequences put together to provide hydration and stabilisation through the fascia network and joints of the body.  This amazing technique is suitable for everyone.

MELT Taster Workshops and  MELT Beginners' Courses.  These are run regularly "live" in village halls for the newcomer to MELT.

MELT Masterclass.  A two and half hour Masterclass to refine and perfect your MELT technique, or to concentrate on a specific part of the body, for example pain in the knee joint.  These are notified on the "Course and Workshops" Page and also via the MELTERS WhatsApp Group which you will become a member of on completion of the MELT Beginners' Course and starting your MELT Journey attending MELT classes with me.


Click here to checkout my  "Courses and Workshops"  page for the latest MELT Taster Workshops, MELT Beginners' Courses, and MELT Masterclasses.  


LIVE Class Timetable

The following classes are held in Shipston and Local Village Halls.


8.30am     STRENGTH/MOVEMENT -  45 minutes - Brailes Village Hall.  This is a 5 week course for £40.

The next course runs from Wednesday 3rd August to Wednesday 7th September. Please note there is no class on Wed 17th August.

This is a fabulous class with the aim to get you to build and maintain strength but at the same time learn how to exercise smarter which is so important in our peri to post menopause - there is no need to spend hours working out which can actually be harmful.  Join this fun class and learn to exercise and train smarter.


6.30pm    MELT - 1 hour - Shipston Primary School.   This is a 5 week course for £50.

The next course runs from Wednesday 24th August to Wednesday 21st September.

This class will help you improve your core, mobility, flexibility and strength.



8.30am     Pilates Fusion  - 1 hour  - Brailes Village Hall - Must have Pilates and MELT experience  - £10 plus share of hall



11.15am    MELT  -  1 hour - Cherington Village Hall - All Levels, but must have completed the Beginners' Course.  This is a 5 week course for £50.

Please note the next course is for 6 weeks running from Friday 26th August to Friday 30th September - £60.


ZOOM Class Timetable

I am currently offering the following classes on ZOOM on a "Pay as you Go" Basis

Please Note :-

MELT classes are open to All Levels on completion of the 5 week Beginners' Course, unless otherwise stated in the timetable

Pilates Classes are open to All Levels with previous Pilates Experience



5.45pm     MELT Express  - 30 mins - £5

6.30pm    Pilates  - 45 mins  - £7.50



9.00am     MELT Intermediate and Above Only  - 1 hour  - £10

10.15am     Pilates for Seniors -  1 hour  - £POA Please contact me.

6.00pm     MELT  - 1 hour  - £10



9.45am     Pilates & MELT  - 1 hour  - £10