Kind words from my clients

I have Parkinson’s - diagnosed in 2015. Since starting MELT method with Debbie some 3 or 4 years ago regular ‘melting’ has helped me to keep active and sorted out much of the joint stiffness associated with the decease.
I believe I am more mobile and active than a large proportion of my peers in the second half of their seventies - thanks to MELT!
I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie as a MELT tutor with a sound and broad knowledge of her subject and the ability to teach effectively. JC

I just wanted to share my amazing experience following 1st session of Beginners Melt:- The next day I felt more “together & connected”, my legs worked properly whilst walking which they haven’t done for many years! Yesterday I went for a canter in a big open field on my horse & I felt secure as my legs didn’t swing around, which hasn’t happened for a very long time following nerve damage from a back injury. Am so excited now for the future journey with Melt, thank you ☺.   SM

I have been going to Debbie’s Pilates classes for many years now and her enthusiasm is infectious. She had taken to Melt Method with the same enthusiastic manner, studied it in depth and passes on what she has learnt to her clients.   SM

Debbie is such a good teacher because she is so invested in her subject; she is continually researching, and building her knowledge of the body, and as a result her lessons remain constantly interesting. Debbie’s classes are innovative and challenging, and we all feel she is caring for our complete wellbeing, not just our creaky backs or stiff knees!      KR

I took up Pilates with Debbie 17 years ago when I had a very young family and needed a bit of ‘me time’ and have never looked back. Her classes continue to be an essential part of my week. Debbie is a brilliant instructor with a wealth of knowledge that she is constantly expanding and building upon. Her classes are always fun are very varied and are inclusive of all ages and abilities.      SW

I’ve attended Debbie’s classes for many years. Debbie has great passion for what she does, she never stops studying and learning, and uses the knowledge in all the different subjects she teaches. Nothing dampens her enthusiasm, and her friendly and genuine concern for others makes her stand out from the rest. The variety in the classes makes them interesting and enjoyable, and Debbie has an uncanny knack of saying the right thing at just the right time (particularly important in these days of zoom), keeping you focused, and performing the exercises as you should. Debbie’s a great teacher.      PC

I have been working out with Debbie for over a year and she is by far the best personal trainer I’ve ever had.

Debbie is knowledgeable, pleasant, punctual and disciplined, all of which are important attributes for a coach whether in person or - over the past 6 months - online. Most important to me, however, is her passion for the field and her thirst for knowledge and continued learning. It separates her from the many trainers with whom I’ve worked in the past for whom this was just a job. Her years of experience are apparent in her discourse, which to me is very important after years of working out with young and relatively inexperienced trainers with “little going on upstairs”.

By contrast Debbie is very much a “thinking persons’ trainer” - always incorporating new techniques and routines, mixing it up so that training never gets boring. She is delightful to converse with, supportive and able to alter fitness routines - often at a moment’s notice - and “mix it up” to suit the situation, so that there is just enough challenge but not too much.

Before I began working out with Debbie I had let myself go for a long time and was in terrible shape. Debbie worked with me in a way which allowed me gradually to regain confidence in my abilities and progress over weeks and months to the point at which I am today, still not where I ultimately want to be but happy to make the effort and continue my progression, rewarded by how I feel after every session and looking forward to the next.

I highly recommend Debbie, as she has the ability to change your life and do so in a highly enjoyable way.      DS

I started fitness classes with Debbie at Brailes Village Hall and since March I’ve joined her online classes. The workouts are challenging but great fun and my fitness has improved hugely. Debbie explains the exercises clearly, always varies the routines so that the classes are never the same and her enthusiasm is infectious. She is also very knowledgeable and is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest health and fitness information. I highly recommend her classes!      JC

No Pilates class with Debbie is ever the same, with her in-depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy - amongst other things - means that you quickly but carefully build up core stability and also address important functions such as balance and flexibility. It’s simply a very enjoyable, low impact workout - highly recommended!      JS

I started practicing Pilates with Debbie 2 and a half years ago. It is the only exercise I have stuck to as a grown up. Her classes are fun, challenging and have made a huge difference to my dodgy hip. Debbie is incredibly friendly and makes everyone feel welcome. She works incredibly hard to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and I always learn something new.      R