MELT was super. My knee really doesn't straighten at all now but better after MELT. I must push myself to do that as much as possible - tonight's was perfect. Afterwards my head felt so well-balanced and my neck felt amazing - very different and shoulders are actually loose and relaxed -I keep finding them around my ears. Thanks Debbie.

The MELT Method is a selfcare treatment that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday living and also exercise. MELT improves hydration and fluid exchange in the connective tissue system.

MELT has grown since its conception by Sue Hitzmann into a system that not only restores hydration and neurological timing but includes methods for improving joint stability.  This method is relevant to all. If you have chronic pain. If you suffer from an injury.  If you do sports. MELT Method is for you.

To find out more about how MELT Method can benefit you, go to

I run regular courses to allow people to get familiar with, and perfect their MELT performance.  There are several different types of classes, courses and workshops.

FULL MELT -  A regular 1 hour class which requires you to have a full MELT kit which can be purchased from me and have already completed my Beginners' Course.

MELT EXPRESS - A regular class just the same as Full Melt but only lasting half an hour.

MELT TASTER SESSIONS - A workshop lasting an hour and half,  offering you a "taste" of what MELT is all about.

MELT BEGINNERS - A five week comprehensive course covering the basics of MELT to allow you to join my regular Full MELT and MELT Express classes.

MELT One to One - Suitable for beginners and regular MELTERS who want a personal consultation.


For details of all my Workshops and Courses please click HERE

For details of my regular Zoom and Live Classes please click HERE


Prices of Regular MELT Classes

FULL MELT  - 1 hour - £10

MELT Express - half hour - £5

One to One MELT Session– price available on request depending on time of session required.


MELT Kit Prices

Full Roller £70

Ball Kit (large and small small soft balls, large and small hard balls and bunion band) £35

Half Roller £45

Performance Roller £45